Unlocking Excellence Since 1945: Uzhhorod National Medical University

Established on October 18, 1945, Uzhhorod National Medical University stands as a beacon of autonomy in the Carpathian region of Ukraine. As the largest university in the Carpathian region, it has cultivated its own teaching school, scientific pursuits, and educational traditions. With a dedicated team of 1275 professionals, including esteemed doctors and educators, the university is committed to shaping the future of healthcare. Catering to approximately 13,000 students, Uzhhorod National Medical University offers a diverse range of specialties, earning its position as the 13th-ranked university in Ukraine.

Why Choose UNU?

UNU is a hub of academic excellence, offering:

  • Legacy of Excellence: With roots tracing back to its founding in 1945, Uzhhorod National Medical University has a rich legacy of delivering quality education.

  • Top-tier Faculty: Benefit from the expertise of 146 doctors of sciences, 698 candidates for doctors of sciences, and honored educators dedicated to shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals.

  • Diverse Specialties: Explore a comprehensive range of 53 bachelor’s degree areas, 101 specialties, and advanced programs, providing students with a broad spectrum of educational opportunities.

  • Ranked 13th Nationally: Uzhhorod National Medical University consistently ranks 13th among Ukrainian universities, showcasing its commitment to academic excellence.

  • Global Perspective: Embrace a global perspective with a diverse student body and international collaborations, offering a dynamic and enriching educational experience.

  • Innovation and Tradition: Striking a balance between innovation and tradition, the university provides students with cutting-edge technologies alongside time-honored teaching methods.

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faculty / Department

Medical Faculty:

Embark on a journey of medical excellence with our renowned faculty, shaping the next generation of healthcare leaders through innovation and expertise

Faculty of Dentistry:

Discover the art and science of dentistry in a dynamic learning environment, where hands-on experience and cutting-edge education converge.

Faculty of Health and Physical Education:

Merging the worlds of medicine and art for innovative therapies.

University Highlights

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MBBS Admission Process in Uzhhorod National University

Application Form Access
Fill out the admission form and prepare all of the required documents.
Form Completion Guidance
Submit all documents online or at the 'Select Your University' office.
Document Submission Support
Qualified students will receive an invitation letter from the university
Provisional Admission Facilitation
After paying the tuition fee and receiving an invitation letter for the first year.
Visa Invitation Coordination
students must apply for a student visa using the invitation letter and first-year fee receipt.

Uzhhorod National University Gallery

Uzhhorod National University Lab
Uzhhorod National University Lab
Uzhhorod National University Prayer Hall
Uzhhorod National University prayer hall
Uzhhorod National University Hostel
Uzhhorod National University hostel
Uzhhorod National University Classroom
Uzhhorod National University classroom
Uzhhorod National University Outdoor
Uzhhorod National University outdoor
Uzhhorod National University Entrance
Uzhhorod National University entrance

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