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Study MBBS In Bangladesh Introduction

In India, the MBBS curriculum is well-known. MBBS in Bangladesh is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students considering MBBS overseas. MBBS in Bangladesh is likely the most advantageous option for students interested in pursuing a general medical career. For a worldwide student, pursuing an MBBS from Bangladesh is not prohibitively expensive. They’ll make you feel as if you’re learning medicine in India. Bangladesh may be the best option for Indian students who need to study MBBS overseas. The medical degree for MBBS in Bangladesh is not difficult to obtain, and it also has a straightforward entrance process when compared to other states.

In every Bangladesh Medical College, the Republic of Bangladesh has Top Medical Universities that give a-list infrastructure, top-notch medical education, and well-trained staff. Bangladesh, for example, provides a prospectus and study outline to a medical student, which can be considered the best instances of health instruction. MBBS education in Bangladesh is becoming a popular goal for students from countries such as India, Nepal, and others who want to pursue their MBBS degree. Bangladesh has made significant progress in terms of educational conditions. Bangladesh is the world’s 92nd-largest independent country.

Why study MBBS in the Bangladesh

Top best Medical colleges in Bangladesh

🕓 6 yrs                         $  30,000
✈ 2hrs 30 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                         $  35,000
✈ 2hrs 40 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                         $  54,000
✈ 2 hrs 45 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                         $  40,000
✈ 3 hrs 30 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                          $  42,000
✈ 3 hrs 15 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                          $  25,000
✈ 2 hrs 55 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                          $  25,000
✈ 2 hrs 50 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                         $  21,250
✈ 7 hrs 35 mins         ㊗ English

🕓 6 yrs                         $  20,000
✈ 2 hrs 45 mins         ㊗ English

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Bangladesh

  • There should not be gap of more than 2 years after completing 12th education.
  • The students must have 60% in 12th standard in (PCB).
  • Minimum aggregate GPA in SSC & HSC should be as per instruction of government of Bangladesh.
  • All medical students have to clear NEET exam with good marks.

Intake for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South Asian country where MBBS is practiced. Its boundaries are shared with India and Myanmar. Bangladesh is the world’s 92nd-largest sovereign state. It is one of the world’s most densely inhabited countries, with a primarily Muslim population. Bangladesh is the most populous and easternmost country in the Bengal region.

There is no doubting that MBBS is one of the most popular disciplines of study among Indians, but the shortage of institutions, actual seats, and the exorbitant medical prices charged by various Indian private medical colleges are all problems. It’s a battle to get into a reputable medical university, and you won’t believe it, but over a lakh kids lose that battle every year.

Recognitions of medical university in Bangladesh

World Federation for Medical Education

World Federation for Medical Education

World Health Organizations

Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

World Federation for Medical Education

World Health Organizations

Application documents are as follows:

  • A Copy of your passport
  • By December 2021, ten current passport-size images must arrive at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka.
  • All certificates must be duly certified by the appropriate authority, which includes the Ministry of Education of the respective countries and the different Bangladeshi embassies/foreign embassies situated in Dhaka overseas.

MBBS in Bangladesh : Medium of teaching

In Bangladesh, the medium of instruction for MBBS is English, and the university does not administer any language tests. Bangladesh, like other Asian countries such as India, has a similar way of life and environment.

Admission procedure for study MBBS in Bangladesh

Initially, the students have to submit the following documents.

Duration of MBBS in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the MBBS programme lasts five years and is separated into four parts. Exams are taken semester by semester in college and phase by phase in university. A one-year internship is required after completing these five years and passing the Final Professional MBBS exam.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

  • The Affordability Is the Most Significant Advantage of Studying MBBS Here. Tuition is less expensive here. Again, you are not required to make any donations in order to be admitted. The Fees for Each Year of Medical School are Disclosed by the Medical Colleges. Interns may be paid a stipend after completing a course at some colleges. The cost of staying at a hostel is lower here. There Are No Hidden Fees Here. Click here to learn more about the costs of various medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  • The NMC has approved all of the government colleges., Who has the approval of a large number of colleges. Degrees awarded by Who Approved are recognized all around the world. It broadens your career options.
  • There is a reservation of about 75 international students in government medical colleges. Almost a quarter of seats in private medical colleges are reserved for international students. As a result, if you have good grades, you won’t have to worry about finding a seat.
  • International students can stay in hostels at almost all government and private medical colleges in Bangladesh. Some colleges have international-standard hostels. Boys and girls have separate hostels at some colleges. Students are served hygienic meals in the majority of hostels. Only a few colleges provide both on-campus and off-campus housing. Furthermore, private colleges have hostels with all modern amenities.
  • Bangladeshi Food Is Not A Matter of Contemplation for Asian Students, Especially Indians. If you’re from India, you’ll appreciate the cuisine. Our eating habits are almost identical to theirs. In both hostels and restaurants, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available. Bangladeshi food will not be a problem for international students. There is a wide variety of food available. Furthermore, some hostels allow students to prepare their own meals.
  • The cost of travelling to Bangladesh is very low. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is highly recommended if you are an Indian student. From Kolkata to Dhaka, flying costs around 4900inr. It costs 1400 INR to travel by road. Train tickets to Dhaka cost around 1200 INR
  • Students learn about more patients because medical colleges have a large number of hospital beds. Some government colleges have hospitals with over 1000 beds. As a result, the students are subjected to a large number of patients. This provides them with real-world experience. Capacity Is Good in Bangladeshi Medical Colleges. This also allows students to gain a broad understanding of the many types of patients.
  • The various medical disciplines taught here are similar to those taught in other countries. Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine, Biochemistry, and a variety of other subjects are among them. Almost all of these subjects are covered in almost every MBBS course. These Are the Fundamental Subjects That All Students Should Learn.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh fees structure

University Name

Tuition fee per year in US $

Hostel fee per year in US $

Total Hostel Fees in US $

Total MBBS Tution Fee in $



500x5 =2500$



































Every year, a substantial number of overseas students apply to Bangladesh's leading medical schools. When compared to other medical colleges throughout the world, the cost of life and study is fairly reasonable. In Bangladesh, the average cost of an MBBS degree ranges from 24 lakh INR to 30 lakh INR.

NEET qualifying score is necessary for NMC/MCI Equivalent Certificate starting in Session 2021-2022. NEET is required to study MBBS in Bangladesh starting in Session 2021-2022. You will not be able to enroll in an MBBS program in Bangladesh unless you have passed the NEET exam.

In India, the MBBS in Abroad programme is well-known. MBBS in Bangladesh is becoming popular among Indian students who want to study medicine in a foreign country. MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the greatest options for those interested in pursuing a career in international medicine.

Candidates must have finished a 10+2 education and received at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as a main subject for general and OBC candidates, and 40% for reserved candidates. There should be no more than a one-year delay between events.

In India, an MBBS degree from Bangladesh is recognized and acceptable. After completing the course, any Indian candidate may return to India and take the FMGE/NEXT test, which is administered by the NBA, National Medical Commission (NMC), formerly the Medical Council of India (MCI), to obtain a license to practice medicine in India.

Despite the fact that Bengali is the most widely spoken language in Bangladesh, English is the language of teaching for MBBS students. As a result, there is no need to study Bengali beyond a few basic levels in order to communicate in Bengali.

The monthly salary range for MBBS doctors in Bangladesh is 22,500.00 to 1030000.00. In Bangladesh, MBBS doctors earn an average monthly income of 35,000.00.

Bangladesh's climate and culture are quite similar to those of India, making it simpler for Indian students to acclimate to life in Bangladesh. FMGE boasts the greatest passing % in Bangladesh, making it the ideal option for students looking to study there. MBBS fees in Bangladesh are low, and there are no hidden costs.

You can apply for an internship or clerkship in India or continue in Bangladesh after completing a 5-year MBBS program in Bangladesh.

You may have noticed that Bangladesh employs a large number of foreign doctors, particularly Indian doctors. Any foreign doctor must be registered with the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, according to local law (BMDC).

Medical college costs are significantly higher, and students can apply for financial aid through the Bangladesh Medical College, Bangladesh scholarship programme, which provides financial assistance to meritorious individuals.

MCI recognises the MBBS degree and other medical degrees earned from a Bangladesh medical university. Students from India are allowed to return and work in their home country. It means that after completing your MBBS in Bangladesh, you can pursue a postgraduate degree (MD/MS) in the United States without having to pass the MCI Test.

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