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Today’s students have easy access to a wealth of information on courses and study destinations. They require assistance from an expert in the field of international education to understand their goals and guide them toward a conclusion. Our team of education advisers will walk them through every stage of the admission process, from identifying educational goals to applying for the right course in the right institution.

For Indian students, studying in a developed country can be too expensive. A reduced price would undoubtedly be of tremendous assistance in offsetting another cost, such as rental expenses. Universities frequently provide scholarships to help students with their tuition costs. We have simplified the scholarship procedure and can find and apply for them, saving students a lot of money, thanks to nearly a decade of creating and fostering partnerships. We make certain that our students are able to focus on their studies rather than being concerned about high costs.

Favorite MBBS Destinations

MBBS and MD (Physician) degrees earned outside of India are equivalent to MBBS attained in India.
 Every student believes that becoming a doctor in another country is an improbable dream. Let us, on the other hand, persuade you otherwise. This is why Abroad Educo was founded and developed to provide that important piece of information to every medical student in India.  Yes!! You can study overseas to become a doctor, and we can assist you in fulfilling that amazing ambition by making it uncomplicated and straightforward for you.

Indian doctors who earned their MBBS degrees in India or elsewhere must take the All India Medical PG Entrance Exam, which is currently covered by NEET PG. Since the majority of deserving students from Government Medical Colleges receive the maximum number of places, it goes without saying that the percentage of students who can successfully pass this test is abhorrently low.Around 50,000 Indians graduated with MBBS degrees in 2016; in contrast, 100,000 Indian candidates took the Medical PG entrance test in 2015, up from the 64,000 who did so in 2011. This indicates that fewer than 7% of candidates for medical postgraduate programmes are offered places in government universities.  Most of the students do not get their chosen profession and compromise by taking the options available to them from this pool.

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