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About Abroad educo:

Abroad Educo is a global leader in international education services. We help international students such as yourself to study in English speaking countries.

Our extensive network of approachable experts help you identify and secure the university or college where you can thrive.

We can connect you to the courses you desire to pursue in the most suitable university or institution located in the right country.

Expert Free Counseling

We at Abroad Educo ensure that every effort is put in to understand the student’s needs. Each student is assigned a highly professional personal counselor, one that possesses thorough knowledge on the courses offered by Universities. We also provide tailored packages to meet requirements. In the light of ones scholastic capabilities, background, vocation objectives our counselors will assist you to achieve your goals. The focus of every counselor at Abroad Educo is to ensure that the student is admitted to the best course and institution based on their profile. We at Abroad Educo guarantee that each exertion is placed in to comprehend the students study's needs. Every student is doled out an exceptionally proficient individual guide, one that has careful information on the courses offered by Universities. We likewise give custom fitted bundles to meet prerequisites. In the light of ones educational abilities, foundation, work targets our instructors will help you to accomplish your objectives. The focal point of each guide at Abroad Educo is to guarantee that the student is admitted to the best course and establishment dependent on their profile.

Identify Course, Country And University

If you wish to study abroad, choosing the right course is very imperative. Our counselors will help you shortlist the course you wish to pursue that would best suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile/Parameters, and not just limited to the Universities we represent. Selecting the right course/program is critical to ensure the success of every student. For this we have designed the APP (Academic Pathway Planning). With the wealth of knowledge & experience our counselors have, we save your time and money, map you to the right university after carefully reviewing your needs. Making an informed decision is paramount for the student and the counselor. Institutions and courses are identified after carefully analyzing the students caliber and needs. Our experts will shortlist a number of suitable institutions after evaluating your profile. Students finalize institutions after reviewing our shortlisted institutions after consulting parents and friends.Selecting the right Course, Country and Institution is the most important decision one needs to make in your lie and our counselors ensure that you choose correctly. Our counselors are trained with detailed knowledge about admission processes across institutions and countries and also assist in connecting with students at the institutions they plan to enroll in.

Our services for Abroad Study

  • Free counseling to select right university.
  • We provide all the answers to your questions about universities either through mail or by phone.
  • Guaranteed admission in the university of choice.
  • We provide you with the official invitation letter from the desired university.
  • We take care of all attestation by State HR, Ministry and Embassy.
  • Arrangement of the visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Recommendation letter for bank loan.
  • Assistance in foreign exchanges.
  • Travel arrangements from Destination to University Campus.
  • Escort the student up to University.
  • Advance booking of Hostel Rooms.
  • Regular feedback to parents.
  • Assistance and guidance during the course of study.
  • Medical Insurance and health care test.
  • Any emergency assistance during study period.
  • Late fee assistance.

Why We are?

We are set for make abroad education open since our initiation in 2009. Our worldwide impression traverses 9 nations and as you will find we are really extraordinary.

We have committed groups of luxuriously experienced experts to assist students with preferring you over the globe in picking the best courses that are accessible in worldwide colleges appropriate to your inclinations as well as your fitness.

MBBS study Visa Process

Visa Guidance is Free for all Abroad Educo students for all countries. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules and have a success rate of over 99%. One of the special services that we offer is the prudence in ‘mock visa interviews’, where our ‘visa counselors’ interview and orient students, on the frequently asked questions. At the end of the mock visa interview, they inform them about the do’s and don’ts of the final interview. We help you through the entire Visa process like filling up applications, preparing financial statements, visa correct documents to avoid inadvertent delay or rejection and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more.
What students and parents appreciate most is that these services are offered promptly, professionally and FREE. Overseas education is not cheap thus decide wisely and carefully.

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