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Study MBBS In Romania Introduction

Romania is one of the most popular destinations for medical students in Europe. MBBS is a goal of not just students but also their parents, especially in India. Study MBBS in Romania for Indian students comes into play in an affordable pricing structure for the medical school, with low admission rates and fees rising through the roof in India. MBBS in Romania is a six-year programme that includes five years of full-time academic study that offers students with practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as one year of internship in renowned hospitals affiliated with colleges and universities.
Students in Romania are conferred the degree of “Doctor of Medicine” upon completion of the course, which is comparable to MBBS (as per NMC norms) in India. In Romania, more than 60000 international students from 147 countries study medicine. Both resident and non-resident medical students in Romania pay a modest MBBS price. There is no entrance test for admission to Romanian medical colleges, except from specified eligibility conditions. Romania MBBS College is without a doubt an excellent alternative for prospective medical students from all over the world, with numerous work chances and very profitable pay.

Why study MBBS in the Romania

Top best Medical colleges in Romania

🕓 6 Years                 $   45,000
✈ 11 hrs 51 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                  $   66,000
✈ 19 hrs 20 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                 $   55,000
✈ 14  hrs 10 mins     ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                  $   42,000
✈ 14 hrs 25 mins     ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                 $   40,800
✈ 17 hrs 45 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                   $   39,600
✈ 21 hrs 19 mins     ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                  $   51,000
✈ 12 hrs 45 mins      ㊗ English

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Romania

Candidates must meet the requirements set forth by Romanian medical universities:

  • Students must have completed 17 years of age by December 31st of the entrance year.
  • A valid passport and a student’s VISA are required for international students.
  • Students must have finished science (Biology) with a grade of at least 55 percent.
  • The NEET exam, which must be passed with a minimum score of 130, is also required.
  • In Romania, the academic term of the MBBS course begins in August.

Intake for MBBS Admission in Romania

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Romania for Indian students is as follows:

  • The MBBS study intake in Romania usually begins in the middle of August, therefore MBBS applicants should apply in June or July.
  • There are a limited number of MBBS seats available in MBBS Abroad Romania, so you must apply early. Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Recognitions of medical university in Romania

World Federation for Medical Education

World Health Organizations

European Council of Medical Orders

National Medical council

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

United States Medical Licensing Examination

Documents required for MBBS admission in Romania

The applicant must have graduated from an approved high school in their country of origin with a high school diploma or its equivalent. The Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports acknowledges the diploma and offers an acceptance letter to non-EU/EEA/Ch students, as well as a certificate to EU/EEA/Ch students, allowing them to study at Romanian universities.

Application documents are as follows:

  • Valid passport.
  • Visa application fee receipt.
  • Admission letter from the university.
  • A few passport size copies of photographs.
  • Nationality proof.
  • No criminal certificate.

MBBS in Romania: Medium of teaching

By graduating from a high school where English was the medium of instruction; by having English as the official language of instruction in the nation of origin.

Admission procedure for study MBBS in Romania

Initially, the students have to submit the following documents.

Duration of MBBS in Romania

International students who wish to study in Poland may apply for financial assistance from a list of scholarship opportunities. The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange is in charge of the majority of them (NAWA). Furthermore, there is the option of receiving a scholarship from the University of Warsaw in extraordinary circumstances.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Romania

  • On the plus side, Romania is endowed with numerous facilities and provides the greatest education possible for overseas students.
  • To study medicine at a Romanian university, there is no need to take an entrance exam (Only NEET marks are sufficient).
  • Due to highly equipped multi-profile hospitals, there is a wide range of opportunities and exposure to clinical practice, as well as a low cost of living.
  • Students who graduate from Romanian medical schools receive a globally recognized and highly valued MBBS degree.
  • WHO, UNICEF, and MCI all recognize Romanian universities.

Study MBBS in Romania fees structure

University Name

Tuition fee per year in US $

Hostel fee per year in US $

Total Course Cost with Hostel in US $

Total MBBS in Romania Fee & Hostel Fee in ₹

US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 2000 x 6= 12,000

US $ 45,600


US $ 8500 x 6 = 51,000

US $ 2500 x 6 = 15,000

US $ 66,000


US $ 8500 x 6 = 51,000

US $ 750 x 6 = 4,500

US $ 55,500


US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 1400 x 6 = 8,400

US $ 42,000


US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 1200 x 6 = 7,200

US $ 40,800


US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 1000 x 6 = 6,000

US $ 39,600


US $ 6800 x 6 = 40,800

US $ 1700 x 6 = 10,200

US $ 51,200



Undergraduate medical (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and so on) tuition prices in Romania range from 3200 to 5000 Euro per year. For non-EU, EEA, and CH students, tuition expenses for medical specialization (postgraduate) in Romania range from 3800 to 7000 Euros a year, depending on universities and specializations.

To meet the eligibility requirements, the student must have received a 50 percent in the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

The MBBS programme in Romania is very popular among Indian students. One of the greatest and most cost-effective possibilities is to pursue an MBBS degree in Romania. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Medical Council (NMC) have certified the majority of Romanian universities.

Candidates must obtain a minimum of 50% in their 12th grade examination. Romanian MBBS fees are far lower than those charged by other overseas colleges.

Romania is one of the most popular destinations for medical students in Europe. Students in Romania are conferred the degree of "Doctor of Medicine" upon completion of the course, which is comparable to MBBS (as per NMC norms) in India.

Romania is ranked number 48 in the world in terms of air quality by the World Health Organization. You will also be living and studying in one of Europe's safest countries, with one of the lowest crime rates.

During their MBBS programme, students have the option of choosing English as their medium of instruction. Romania is a popular choice for 6-year undergraduate medical study because of the high level of education provided and the low cost of living.

In Romania, a Medical Doctor earns an average of RON 231,242 per year and RON 111 per hour. A Medical Doctor's average pay ranges from RON 156,873 to RON 300,517.

Romania is known around the world for the high quality and low cost of MBBS in Romania, thanks to its 99 percent literacy rate. Most medical colleges in Romania are recognized by MCI, WHO, and UNESCO. Romanian MBBS fees and housing are reasonably priced in Indian rupees for Indian students.

All Romanian MBBS degrees are recognized by local and international organizations and bodies around the world, allowing graduates from any Romanian university to practice medicine overseas. All Romanian MBBS colleges and institutions have received worldwide approval and recognition.

Physicians from third countries are only allowed to practice medicine in Romania if they are married to a Romanian/EU citizen or have a long-term resident permit in Romania/another EU nation.

Under the supervision of the Romanian Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes Romania Government Scholarships. All overseas students are encouraged to apply for this Romanian Scholarship, which is completely supported.

Graduates of Romanian Medical Universities can confidently practice medicine in any country in the world, as all Romanian Medical University degrees are recognized by local bodies in nearly every country and are accredited for the medical training they provide, most notably the ACGME in the United States and the GMC in the United Kingdom.

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