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Why Study MBBS In The Romania?

Top Best Medical Colleges In Romania

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy
GR T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Ovidius University of Constanta

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova
University of Oradea

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Romania


Students must have completed 17 years of age by December 31st of the entrance year.


The NEET exam, which must be passed with a minimum score of 130, is also required.


Students must have finished science (Biology) with a grade of at least 55 percent.


The applicant must be an Indian national to become eligible for MBBS admission in Romania.

Intake For MBBS Admission In Romania

Recognitions Of Medical University In Romania

World Federation for Medical Education

United States Medical Licensing Examination

European Council of Medical Orders

National Medical Council
World Health Organizations

Documents Required For MBBS Admission In Romania

Admission Procedure to Study MBBS In Romania

Application Form
The majority of colleges have an online application process.
Form Filling
Some colleges may additionally require physical document files to be provided to them.
Offer Letter
After the university accepts the application, the student will receive an offer letter or an acceptance letter from the university.
Documents Required
Class X and class XII mark sheets, as well as documents stating a permanent home address, are important documents.
Apply for Visa
Once a student receives a printed admission receipt, student should apply for a visa with the relevant documents at the Armenian consulate.
The applicant will receive his or her visa after all of the checks and interviews are completed.
Take Off
Once a student has completed all of the procedures for admission to an Armenian medical university, he or she can arrange flights to Romania.

Fee Structure

University Name

Tuition fee per year in US $

Hostel fee per year in US $

Total Course Cost with Hostel in US $

Total MBBS in Romania Fee & Hostel Fee in ₹

US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 2000 x 6= 12,000

US $ 45,600


US $ 8500 x 6 = 51,000

US $ 2500 x 6 = 15,000

US $ 66,000


US $ 8500 x 6 = 51,000

US $ 750 x 6 = 4,500

US $ 55,500


US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 1400 x 6 = 8,400

US $ 42,000


US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 1200 x 6 = 7,200

US $ 40,800


US $ 5600 x 6 = 33,600

US $ 1000 x 6 = 6,000

US $ 39,600


US $ 6800 x 6 = 40,800

US $ 1700 x 6 = 10,200

US $ 51,200


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