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Study MBBS In Belarus Introduction

Belarus is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students interested in studying medicine because its medical institutes and universities are regarded as among the best in the world. Literacy in the country is 99.97 percent. Students from all over the world select Belarus for their MBBS because of the high-quality education and high-tech machines available. Belarus has affordable MBBS fees and easy MBBS admissions, and Belarus is one of the world’s safest countries, so MBBS in Belarus is ideal for Indian students. The majority of Belarus’ medical schools are accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) (national medical commission now). Belarus is the finest place to study medicine.

After graduating from high school, deciding on a career path is a difficult process, and you must choose intelligently. It’s best to consider about what career path you should pursue in the future for a long time. Choosing the correct stream is always a mental battle. Nothing is simple, and everyone wants to attain their goals quickly, but some people choose to work hard. The person who puts forth the most effort in order to advance. This is one of the main reasons why students choose to study MBBS in a foreign country. This post will provide you with more information about MBBS in Belarus.

Why study MBBS in the Belarus

Top best Medical colleges in Belarus

🕓 6 Years                $   32,400
✈ 9 hrs 17 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                $   30,420
✈ 10 hrs 9 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                $   33,000
✈ 10 hrs 25 mins   ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                $   39,000
✈ 11 hrs 25 mins    ㊗ English

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Belarus

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Belarus for Indian students is as follows:

  • A student must be of Indian descent.
  • The student must have received a decent grade in his or her 12th grade exam. (in the scientific stream at the 10+2 level).
  • He or she must have completed Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the 10+2 level in the Science stream, with a minimum score of 55 percent.
  • If students desire to study their MBBS in Belarus, they must arrive by September 25th.
  • International students must be able to communicate in English.

Intake for MBBS Admission in Belarus

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Belarus for Indian students is as follows:

  • Although students should be aware that because MBBS aspirants from all over the world apply here, seats are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis, the class for studying MBBS in Belarus begins in late September or early October.
  • The overall medical course education in Belarus begins in September.
  • So, students should apply for MBBS admission in Belarus in the months of July or August.
  • If you apply early, the admission process in Belarus will be quick and convenient.
  • You can also call the medical university or the consultant agency for further information.

Recognitions of medical university in Belarus

World Federation for Medical Education

World Federation for Medical Education

World Health Organizations

Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

National Medical council

National Medical council

Documents required for MBBS admission in Belarus

With the assistance of an approved education counselor, complete the required paperwork and send them to the institution. Your consultant will contact you for Visa processing once the University has accepted your application. Apply for a student visa using the required documents as specified by your consultant. The initial charge must be paid to the consultant once the visa has been processed, and the remaining fee must be paid once the student is at the college.

Application documents are as follows:

  • A medical student must possess mark sheets of 10th and 12th grade.
  • NEET Scorecard is mandatory to submit before admission.
  • Certificate of Conduct.
  • Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  • A valid passport and Visa.
  • The candidate must have few passport size photos.
  • No criminal record Certificate along with Health record and medical check-up.

MBBS in Belarus: Medium of teaching

  • The language of instruction for the duration of the programme is English
  • International students must have a working knowledge of the English language.

Admission procedure for study MBBS in Belarus

Initially, the students have to submit the following documents.

Duration of MBBS in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students provides a high-quality education from highly qualified instructors. Candidates do not need to complete the one-year preparation course in Belarus because they would be enrolled in an English-taught MBBS programme. Belarus’ MBBS programme is six years long and includes practical training. A candidate will learn Belarus for six semesters and physical training for ten semesters during this six-year programme.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Belarus

  • Belarus is a fantastic alternative for Indian students who wish to study MBBS in Europe but can’t afford the tuition in countries like France, the United Kingdom, or Italy.
  • The cost of an MBBS degree in a foreign country is far lower than in India’s private universities.
  • The educational quality is exceptionally high, and students receive a standard education.
  • Students who earn an MBBS in Belarus are eligible to work or study in any country in the world.
  • The MCI and WHO have all certified Belarus’ leading medical universities.
  • Belarus has around 2,000 international students studying MBBS.
  • The medium of instruction for international students is English, so Indian students can study in English without having to worry about the course being taught in another language.
  • Belarus’ universities all have modern infrastructure, technology, and tools, which helps students gain practical experience.

Study MBBS in Belarus fees structure

University Name

Tuition fee per year in US $

Hostel fee per year in US $

Total Course Cost with Hostel in US $

Total MBBS in Belarus Fee & Hostel Fee in ₹

US $ 4650 x 6 = 27,900

US $ 700 x 6 = 4200

US $ 32,100


US $ 4700 x 6 = 28,200

US $ 700 x 6 = 4200

US $ 32,400


US $ 4600 x 6 = 27,600

US $ 700 x 6 = 4200

US $ 31,800


US $ 5100 x 6 = 30,600

US $ 700 x 6 = 4200

US $ 34,800



Belarus should be your first choice if you are seeking for a good MBBS university or college overseas. Belarus is the ideal location for MBBS students looking to study abroad. In Belarus, medical education is extremely valuable. It is because their degree is recognized all around the world and since it has been approved by the World Health Organization.

Being a doctor nowadays is quite expensive. In private universities, a bachelor's degree in pre-medical education costs from P40,000 to P55,000 every semester, whereas public universities cost around P8,000 to P13,000 per semester. The four-year professional school in medicine will undoubtedly be more expensive.

To study MBBS in Belarus, you do not need to pass the IELTS or TOEFL exams. The candidates must pass the 10+2 examination with a score of 60%.

The Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization both recognize MBBS degrees awarded by medical universities in Belarus. As a result, candidates who studied medicine in Belarus can practice medicine in India.

Belarus is a welcoming country with a high level of education and tolerance for foreign visitors. There are almost 50 universities in Belarus that welcome international students, allowing them to study without fear of being denied a student visa.

In Belarus, MBBS is a general medical course taught entirely in English for those who are fluent in English or whose country's official language is English. The educational process at the Faculty of MBBS in Belarus is conducted in one of two languages: Russian or English, and it lasts six years.

In Belarus, a person working as a doctor or physician makes roughly 6,900 BYN per month on average. Salaries range from 2,530 BYN (the lowest average) to 11,600 BYN (the highest average) (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

For Indian students, studying in Belarus is a secure bet. In comparison to MBBS in other countries, such as India, the tuition fees are lower. Transportation and living costs are both within reach. MBBS in Belarus offers a globally recognized degree at a low cost.

Indian students who completed their MBBS course in Belarus are eligible to practice medicine in India if they passed the NEET test and graduated from a medical university in Belarus that is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Students from India and abroad can pursue a postgraduate degree or pursue a career as a doctor. As a result, Belarus is an excellent alternative for international students seeking a postgraduate degree.

Students can apply for a variety of scholarships, and the Indian government also offers a grant for academically gifted students.

You can pursue PG level (MD / MS) in the United States without passing the MCI Test after completing your MBBS in Belarus. The PG degree earned in the United States is recognized in both India and the United States.

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