Medical University of Warsaw: Pioneering Excellence in Medical Education for Over Two Centuries

Journey through the corridors of medical wisdom at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland’s venerable institution, dating back to 1809. As one of the oldest and largest medical schools in the country, we stand as a beacon of prestige, affiliated with major hospitals and boasting a faculty internationally recognized for groundbreaking contributions to medical research and practice. With a commitment to excellence in both undergraduate and postgraduate training, our students thrive in a dynamic environment, conducting research and contributing to clinical advancements at our renowned teaching hospitals.

Why Choose UMA?

WMA is a hub of academic excellence, offering:

  • Legacy of Medical Wisdom: Over two centuries of shaping medical excellence, making us a symbol of enduring knowledge and innovation.
  • Internationally Renowned Faculty: Learn from the best – our faculty, nationally and globally recognized, holding prestigious posts as National Medical Consultants.
  • Clinical Exposure and Research Opportunities: Benefit from hands-on experience at our five clinical teaching hospitals, engaging in cutting-edge research and practice
  • Affiliation with Major Hospitals: Our strong ties with large hospitals ensure a comprehensive education, from general care to advanced medical practices
  • Dynamic Learning Environment: Choose us for a dynamic and enriching learning environment where tradition and innovation converge seamlessly.

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faculty / Department

Faculty of Medicine

Healing Minds, Saving Lives: Nurturing Tomorrow's Medical Leaders with Compassion and Expertise.

Faculty of Dentistry:

Crafting Healthy Smiles, Shaping Dental Excellence: Where Precision Meets Compassionate Care.

Faculty of Pharmacy:

Medicinal Mastery in Every Pill: Inspiring Future Pharmacists for Innovation in Healthcare.

University Highlights

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MBBS Admission Process in Warsaw Medical Academy

Application Form Access
Every candidate must fill in the required fields with correct details in the on-line registration system.
Form Completion Guidance
Completed fields are marked in green color and uncompleted fields are marked in red color
Provisional Admission Facilitation
The University will send an Invitation letter to the selected students. post Confirmation of the application fee payment
Visa Invitation Coordination
The foreign students must apply for the visa processing step to get a valid

Warsaw Medical Academy - Gallery

Warsaw Medical Academy Campus
Warsaw Medical Academy - campus
Warsaw Medical Academy Campus
Warsaw Medical Academy - campus
Warsaw Medical Academy Hostel
Warsaw Medical Academy - hostel
Warsaw Medical Academy Indoor stadium
Warsaw Medical Academy - stadium
Warsaw Medical Academy Lab
Warsaw Medical Academy - lab
Warsaw Medical Academy Library
Warsaw Medical Academy - Library
Warsaw Medical Academy Outdoor
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Warsaw Medical Academy Outdoor
Warsaw Medical Academy - outdoor
Warsaw Medical Academy Outdoor
Warsaw Medical Academy - outdoor

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