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Study MBBS In Vietnam Introduction

Vietnam is one of the most populous countries in Southeast Asia, yet it displays an unsettling lack of doctors. Medical education is an important factor contributing to this issue, yet little is known about the system currently in place in Vietnam. Through an extensive literary search of medical schools’ and Ministry of Health’s data, we have examined the current medical education system in Vietnam. At present, there are 12 medical universities, and the general curriculum at each university follows a national framework but tends to vary from university to university. Medical training lasts either 4 or 6 years, with competitive graduates attending residency programs following graduation.
While examinations are required to graduate, the lack of a national licensing exam makes it difficult to ensure that a nation-wide standard of quality exists, both at the medical universities themselves as well as amongst the doctors graduating from them. The development and institution of a national exam would introduce a standard of training throughout Vietnam’s medical education system. Further, a substantial portion of a doctor’s education is in subjects that are loosely related to medicine. When looking forward it will be important to evaluate whether or not these non-medical subjects detract from the quality of medical training.

Why study MBBS in the Vietnam

Top best Medical colleges in Vietnam

🕓 6 Years                $   58,800
✈ 3 hrs 30 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                $   54,000
✈ 4 hrs 49 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                $   50,500
✈ 3 hrs 49 mins    ㊗ English

🕓 6 Years                $   43,463
✈ 3 hrs 59 mins    ㊗ English

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Vietnam

Students who wish to apply to higher education institutions in Vietnam must fulfill the following admission requirements:

  • Should have completed high school/upper secondary school- Must hold a secondary school graduation certificate or its equivalent
  • Should have a GPA of 6.0 and above at the end of the 12th grade.

Intake for MBBS Admission in Vietnam

The eligibility criteria for MBBS in Vietnam for Indian students is as follows:

  • Every year in September, there is only one intake for several Philippines MBBS colleges, and the application deadline is usually the 15th of July for the September batch.
  • In general, Indian students who expect more than 60% in their 10+2 level reserve their seats at their preferred medical university from the start, rather than waiting for last-minute Indian results. 

Recognitions of medical university in Vietnam

World Federation for Medical Education

World Health Organizations

National Medical council

Documents required for MBBS admission in Vietnam

With the assistance of an approved education counselor, complete the required paperwork and send them to the institution. Your consultant will contact you for Visa processing once the University has accepted your application. Apply for a student visa using the required documents as specified by your consultant. The initial charge must be paid to the consultant once the visa has been processed, and the remaining fee must be paid once the student is at the college.

Application documents are as follows:

  • First four pages of the passport
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Character certificate from the Head of Institution last attended
  • NEET-UG Score

MBBS in Vietnam: Medium of teaching

 The medium of education is in English in Vietnam Medical Colleges.

Admission procedure for study MBBS in Vietnam

Initially, the students have to submit the following documents.

Duration of MBBS in Vietnam

The duration of MBBS training in the Vietnam is six years. Hong bang International University is enlisted in WHO and recognized by ministry of Vietnam. The students passing from this University are eligible to take ECFMG exams and the degree is eligible by NMC.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Vietnam

Low cost study destination:

The education cost in the Vietnam universities are very less when compared to the other Asian study destinations. The students can complete their entire education in a very reasonable amount. Apart from the education cost, the cost of living is also very less. The students can afford accommodations and food at a low cost.

Academic criteria:

After the education reform announced by the government, the universities have started to update their educational curriculum to the international standards. The universities are coming up with joint programs with international universities to increase their education standards. Thus, the education quality of the universities keeps on changing in pace with the changing world.

Higher education reforms:

In order to meet the changing trends of the technologies, the universities have started introducing higher education systems. Though higher education is not compulsory in Vietnam, the students are showing their interest in studying in order to grab a good job opportunity. Thus, many universities have started providing higher education opportunities.

Economically stable country:

Vietnam is well known for its stable government and the reforms made. The economic growth of the country is increasing dynamically and the investments are made from all over the world. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most growing cities in the country.


Vietnam is said to offer varied types of lifestyle as you prefer. There are places to enjoy the beauty of nature in a peaceful silence as well as places to treat with the booming music and party hard the full night. Thus, you can select your lifestyle of your own and enjoy the city life as you wish.

Local food experience:

Vietnamese food habits are very tasty and colorful. The street foods are well known among the locals and the expats can enjoy a variety of tastes in their walk.

Visa processing:

The students can first enter the country with their tourist’s visa and later can be converted to student visa after the confirmation of their admissions in the universities.

Tourist places:

The country has many scenic places to visit and enjoy. They have breathtaking beautiful mountains, silent lakes, energetic sea shores and so on.

Study MBBS in Vietnam fees structure

University Name

Tuition fee per year in US $

Hostel fee per year in US $

Total Hostel Fees in US $

Total MBBS Tution Fee in $



1200 x 6 = 19200$

6600 x 6 = 39600$



2400 x 6 = 14400$

35000 x 6 = 210,000$



6300 x 6 = 37,800$

2300 x 6 = 13,800$



5000 x 6 = 30,000$

2300 x 6 = 13,800$


Hanoi Medical University is among the universities that divides the academic schedule into semesters. 2,500 USD/год. A master's degree of HMU will cost a student a significant sum of 2,500 USD per year. Even though the tuition fees are not that high, the students still can apply for scholarship.

Foreign candidates are required to appear in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission in MBBS/BDS Undergraduate courses in India.

It's also home to a colorful culture, practiced by its very hospitable citizens. As Vietnam plays a host to a bevy of good medical schools, it is a good choice for making your dreams of becoming a doctor come true. In this article, we will be looking at top medical schools in Vietnam for international students.

In the qualifying exam, a score of at least 50% is required.

Hong bang International University Medical programme is approved & recognized by the Health Ministry of Vietnam, and the medical college is enlisted in the World Health Organization (WHO).

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel. With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. Tourists usually complain about over-aggressive street vendors, tour operators with a bad attitude and dangerous driving.

 The medium of education is in English in Vietnam Medical Colleges.

A person working in Doctor / Physician in Vietnam typically earns around 40,500,000 VND per month. Salaries range from 14,900,000 VND  to 68,300,000 VND

With this tie up, Indian medical education aspirants have a more viable and affordable option. The cost of medical education in Vietnam is much lower and affordable for the Indian students.

After completing the course, NMC screening is a must for students to start practicing medicine in India.

Foreigners have family doctor practice certificates granted by foreign countries, the recognition of medical practice certificates between countries complies with international agreements or treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party.

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