Georgian American University: A Vision Forged in Excellence, Rooted in Collaboration

Founded in 2001 as a visionary MBA project by Elene Jamarjashvili MBA, the Georgian American University (GAU) has evolved into a beacon of academic excellence. With a pioneering spirit, GAU established a strategic partnership with American University’s Washington College of Law, enhancing global connections and local impact. Guided by the leadership of industry luminary R. Michael Cowgill, whose expertise transcends the realms of education and pipeline projects, GAU offers a transformative educational experience. From its roots in Atlanta to the heart of Tbilisi, GAU’s legacy is a testament to visionary leadership, global collaborations, and a commitment to shaping futures through innovative education


Why Choos GAU?

GAU is a hub of academic excellence, offering:

  • Global Academic Collaboration: GAU stands as a testament to collaboration, partnering with American University’s Washington College of Law for a world-class education.
  • Visionary Leadership: Led by Elene Jamarjashvili MBA and President R. Michael Cowgill, GAU embodies visionary leadership committed to academic excellence.
  • Legacy of Transformation: From a law school in 2001 to a comprehensive university today, GAU’s journey reflects a legacy of transformative education.
  • Industry Expertise at the Helm: Benefit from the wisdom of industry expert Kenneth A. Cutshaw, supporting GAU’s vision for excellence in education.
  • Rooted in Innovation: GAU‘s founding story, rooted in an MBA project, showcases a commitment to innovative educational approaches that shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Your Academic Adventure Begins with Us

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faculty / Department

Business Administration

"Navigating the future of business leadership - where innovation meets strategy in our Business Administration faculty."

Law & Diplomacy:

"Shaping legal minds and global diplomats - our Law & Diplomacy faculty fosters excellence in jurisprudence and international relations."


"Crafting healers and medical pioneers - our Medicine faculty blends tradition with innovation for a transformative medical education."

IT & Civil Engineering:

"Building tomorrow's infrastructure and tech solutions - join the forefront of innovation in our IT & Civil Engineering faculty."


"Empathy meets action - our Humanitarian faculty instills values and skills for a world driven by compassion and positive change."

University Highlights

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MBBS Admission Process in Georgian American University

Application Form Access
Students must fill the online application form along with all the required documents.
Form Completion Guidance
The University reviews the applications sent by the students and then they need to deposit the fees into the university’s bank account.
Provisional Admission Facilitation
Once it is done, within 30 days, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia issues an accreditation letter to the applicants.
Visa Invitation Coordination
After all the above procedures are completed, the visa approval takes nearly 30 days.

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Georgian American University Outdoor
Georgian American University Outdoor
Georgian American University Campus
Georgian American University Campus
Georgian American University Hostel
Georgian American University Hostel
Georgian American University Lab
Georgian American University Lab
Georgian American University Library
Georgian American University Library
Georgian American University Entrance
Georgian American University Entrance

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