University of Oradea: Inspiring Minds, Fostering Global Connections in the Heart of Romani

Step into a world of academic excellence at the University of Oradea, founded in 1990 and nestled in the vibrant city of Oradea in north-western Romania. Offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning arts to medicine, our campus provides not just education but a holistic student experience. With gender-divided accommodation, a rich library, and sports facilities, students thrive both academically and personally. Join a community of approximately 800 students, including a vibrant international cohort, fostering cultural exchange through events like the annual International Evening. Our 214 global university partnerships open doors to academic exchanges, research collaborations, and study abroad opportunities, shaping well-rounded global citizens.

Why Choose UO?

UO is a hub of academic excellence, offering:

  • Academic Diversity: Explore a wide array of disciplines from arts to science, offering comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Holistic Student Experience: Our gender-divided on-campus accommodation, well-equipped library, and sports facilities enhance the overall well-being of our students.
  • Global Connections: With 214 university partnerships worldwide, seize opportunities for academic exchanges, research collaborations, and enriching study abroad experiences.
  • Cultural Exchange: Join a diverse community of approximately 800 students, including a robust international presence, fostering a global perspective on campus.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Experience the richness of global cultures at our annual International Evening, where traditions and talents converge in a celebration of unity and diversity.

Your Academic Adventure Begins with Us

Through our personalized consultancy services, we streamline your admission into MGARIU by providing:

Guided application support

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faculty / Department

Faculty of Medicine:

Where Compassion Meets Expertise: Nurturing Future Healthcare Leaders through Cutting-edge Education and Compassionate Care.

Faculty of Dentistry:

Crafting Healthy Smiles, Shaping Dental Excellence: Precision, Compassion, and Oral Wellness.

Faculty of Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Precision, Innovation in Every Dose: Nurturing Tomorrow's Pharmacists for a Healthier Worl

University Highlights

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University of Oradea

MBBS Admission Process in University of Oradea

Application Form Access
Foreign students who wish to enroll at the University of Oradea must submit documents authenticated by the Romanian Embassy/Consulate directly to the Admission Office.
Form Completion Guidance
Candidates send their files directly to the University who evaluates the files and sends the list of the proposed candidates to the Ministry of Education.
Provisional Admission Facilitation
The General Direction for International Relations will issue the Letter of acceptance to studies and will send it to the University.
Visa Invitation Coordination
The selection will be done at the level of each faculty and specialization.

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University of Oradea Library
University of Oradea Library
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University of Oradea Outdoor
University of Oradea Outdoor
University of Oradea Outdoor

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