Delta Medical College: Excellence in Medical Education

Delta Medical College, established in 2006, stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education, fostering “human-doctors” with strong moral values and professional prowess. Our five-year MBBS program, aligned with Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council standards, paves the way for aspiring physicians.Situated in a ten-story facility, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, the college boasts a harmonious blend of education and practice. With approval from BM&DC, Dhaka University, and recognition by the Medical Council of India, we welcome a diverse student body, including those from India, Nepal, the United States, and Nigeria.

Why Choose DMC?

DMC is a hub of academic excellence, offering:

  • Academic Excellence: Delta Medical College upholds rigorous academic standards, ensuring a comprehensive and cutting-edge medical education.

  • Ethical Foundation: We prioritize instilling strong moral values in our students, shaping not just skilled practitioners but compassionate healers.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our ten-story campus is equipped with modern teaching tools, providing an immersive learning environment crucial for medical education.

  • Global Recognition: Approved by Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and Dhaka University, we are also recognized by the Medical Council of India, welcoming a diverse international student community.

  • Proven Track Record: Graduates from Delta Medical College contribute to hospitals and clinics globally, attesting to the professional excellence instilled in them.


Your Academic Adventure Begins with Us

Through our personalized consultancy services, we streamline your admission into MGARIU by providing:

Guided application support

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faculty / Department

Medicine Faculty:

Explore the intricacies of medicine with our faculty, where academic excellence meets hands-on experience, preparing you for a rewarding medical career.

Paediatrics Department:

Nurture the future of healthcare in our Paediatrics Department, combining advanced medical knowledge with compassionate care for children's well-being.

Psychiatry Studies:

Merging the worlds of medicine and art for innovative therapies.Merging the worlds of medicine and art for innovative therapies.

University Highlights

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MBBS Admission Process in Delta Medical College

Application Form Access
To take admission to Delta Medical College, a student must have qualified the NEET exam.
Form Completion Guidance
The students with a score of at least 60 % marks in PCB are eligible to study at Delta Medical College.
Document Submission Support
We'll help you gather and attach all the required documentation correctly, ensuring a complete and valid application submission.
Provisional Admission Facilitation
If their application is accepted by the university, students will receive an admission confirmation letter within one working day.
Visa Invitation Coordination
The documents will be reviewed by the University, and once the necessary payment has been received from the students, the University will send an invitation letter to the students.

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Delta Medical College library
Delta Medical College library
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Delta Medical College campus
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Delta Medical College classroom
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