Lviv Medical Legacy

Embark on a transformative journey through medical excellence at Halytsky, Danylo Lviv National Medical University, where tradition meets innovation. Discover a rich medical heritage at this prominent institution, accredited at Ukraine’s fourth level by the Ministry of Health. Situated in the cultural hub of Lviv, the university has a storied past dating back to its restoration on November 16th, 1784, featuring four pioneering faculties. .

Why Choose Lviv?

Lviv is a hub of academic excellence, offering:

  • Pedigree of Excellence: With a legacy dating back to 1784, our institution stands as a testament to enduring medical traditions, providing a solid foundation for your educational journey.

  • Innovative Leadership: Recognized with the Grand Prix “Leader of International Activities” and a Gold Medal for pedagogical innovations, we blend tradition with cutting-edge approaches, ensuring a comprehensive and contemporary medical education.

  • Academic Autonomy: As Lviv State Medical University since 1996, we’ve evolved into a dynamic and autonomous institution, constantly adapting to global medical advancements.

  • Global Recognition: Accredited at Ukraine’s fourth level by the Ministry of Health, our university is a globally acknowledged hub for medical education.

  • Dynamic Scientific Community: Join a vibrant community of young scientists, clinicians, educators, and researchers, fostering an environment of continual growth and collaboration.

  • Cultural Nexus: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural milieu of Lviv, enhancing your educational experience with a blend of academic rigor and cultural exploration

Your Academic Adventure Begins with Us

Through our personalized consultancy services, we streamline your admission into MGARIU by providing:

Guided application support

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faculty / Department

Medical Faculty:

Embark on a transformative medical journey with our comprehensive and innovative curriculum, shaping the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

Faculty of Dentistry:

Explore the art and science of dentistry in a dynamic learning environment, combining theoretical excellence with hands-on clinical experience.

Faculty of Pharmacy:

Delve into the world of pharmaceutical science, honing your skills with cutting-edge research and practical insights for a career at the forefront of healthcare.

Faculty of Post Graduate Education:

Elevate your expertise and specialize in your chosen medical field through our advanced postgraduate programs, designed for continuous professional growth.

University Highlights

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MBBS Admission Process in Lviv National Medical University

Application Form Access
Every year, the academic year begins on September 1st. Preparatory courses will begin on October 1st.
Form Completion Guidance
The applicant must apply to the Rector of the University for admission in university study.
Document Submission Support
The candidate should include their full name, permanent address, date of birth, citizenship, permanent address, and phone number in the application form.
Provisional Admission Facilitation
After receiving an invitation letter, the candidate must apply for a student visa at the corresponding country's Ukrainian embassy.
Visa Invitation Coordination
The candidate must bring original documents that have been translated into Ukrainian and legalized by a Notary Public and the Ukrainian Embassy in your country.

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Lviv National Medical University classroom
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Lviv National Medical University

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